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Dear Diary, I'm a Business Owner

FACT: After reading this blog post, 47% of you will convert from Democrat to Republican; 32% - Republican to Democrat. FACT: 17% of my readers will unregister to vote - yes, you can do that. FACT: The remaining 12% of you have already moved to Canada.* What I cannot guarantee is that anyone will check my math or legitimacy in these reports.

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Mad Cavemen

The following is a story of failure and eventual triumph brought to you through Image Branding; a practice that business owners and professionals need, but few invest in. The term 'image branding' is fairly modern, but the idea of a branded image has been around for ages. As much an achievement as inventing the wheel was, soon enough emerging markets of wheel carving cavemen rose up. Some were better than others. But as long as it was round and rolled, these things sold like hot giraffe liver cakes. So how could a single caveman distinguish his products, services and general salescavemanship from the rest?

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