Battle of the Self (Employment)

Captain's Log, Stardate 93981.13

Overcoming a challenge can be an incredible sensation. Some challenges, though, are drawn out and lack that finish line we need to achieve a certain high. Self employment, more specifically Rusty Dog Studio, has been that unending feat I've been fighting (and enjoying) for the past year or so.

The analogy of winning wars vs. fighting battles comes to mind. While the war of owning a business is far from over, the daily (sometimes minute by minute) battles are continually waging. The thing is, there is more than one enemy at each battlefront. Approaching from the north is time, the mother of all #%@&ers. Flanking from the south is a swell of mind paralyzing paperwork. Advancing from the eastern position comes personal responsibilities. Isolated villages of client deadlines are joining forces in the western hills. Finally, gaining strength from all fronts and fully stocked with ammo, self-doubt rears it's ugly head.

Resolutions to these daily battles are slowly becoming second nature, though. Maintaining the discipline to post original content daily on social media has been a strong point of mine. Joining my local BNI chapter forces practice and exploration of public speaking obstacles. And simple organizational methods help keep me in line. I'm old school with it too...cork boards, sticky notes, actual paper. But no amount of neatly thumbtacked office supplies, referral based networking events, or 15 second guitar riffs on Facebook can answer the question I ask myself in those waking morning moments: "What am I going to do today?!?!"

So this is a blog. Kinda boring. I thought I would have more hate to spew or rumors to spread. Nothing's coming to mind. Blog entries are uncharted waters for me, but I hear they work. Though, I may have to acquire even thicker black framed glasses and work out of an overpriced coffee shop in order to fit into the scene.

So what to say. I guess I could give the occasional design tip. Anyone interested in random Seinfeld trivia? I'm good at that. Or how about I post some song lyrics that express my mood, man? Like back in the MySpace days. Maybe these entries will become my sporadic remedy to the woes (and wins) of self employment. Something uplifting, I suppose. Spend any time on this internet and you'll get depressed...or fall in love with cats. So check back soon to see what I've come up with.

To anyone who is or is thinking of being self employed, I urge you to join me and overcome the forces of evil, 9-5 shifts and awkward water cooler chit-chat that thrives out there in the 'real world'. Working for yourself can feel like a losing battle but the fruits of victory are within reach. Only if you want it enough.

Oh, and if you are a business owner...blah, blah, blah...I can help...graphic designer...blah, logo, your me now for your free project quote and proposal.

LUKE OUT (mic drop)


Luke Hillegas

Owner, Rusty Dog Studio