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I am a freelance graphic artist offering design, print and online services to small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Consolidating these tools allows me to provide you with a start-to-finish approach for solving your marketing needs. No need to pay the large publicity firms with their large publicity fees. Small business owners who value a clean, creative and professional image use my talents to build their local and nationwide brands. I then offer the convenience of producing the print, web and digital marketing materials for distribution; working closely within budgets and timelines. Businesses and organizations use my services every day to properly market the goods and services they stand behind.

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You are in charge of marketing a small, local business. You're looking for a creative source of influence to distinguish your business from the competition. You don't want cheap. You want authentic. Maybe the business is brand new. Maybe a fresh look is needed to grow. What you don't want is the runaround when marketing choices need made. You'd rather have one phone number to call so your business promotions stay current and sales opportunities are not lost. You are dedicated to your business and want to work with someone just as committed to their own.



I work one-on-one with my clients to provide the visual materials needed to promote and operate their small business. Striving for creativity and originality, my business succeeds when yours does first. I have worked with first time entrepreneurs and I've worked with century old organizations. I provide honest feedback and brainstorm with my clients to find the best, most logical marketing choice to make when considering my services. Those who invest in me receive my full dedication to each project and the convenience of sourcing their visual designs, online resources and print collateral directly through one point of contact.



What I've come to find when working with my clients is that marketing their business is a very personal endeavor. They've all put their finances, credibility and time at risk by running a small business and often I find they'll want a large influence in the way their image is conveyed - which they should. My initial piece in this puzzle is a free consultation. I receive calls and visits to my South Side office where I get to know your business, understand your expectations and provide suggestions regarding your options, budget and goals. Every project calls for various amounts of my time but all receive 100% of my effort.